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Search strategies

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Search Strategies/Information Literacies


Google Search Education: Lessons from Google on search strategies


MIT edX MOOC: Overcoming Information Overload


Home Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online. US Insurance Agents


Three Mobile Apps That Can Help Students Search


Academic Skills on Web Are Tied To Income Levels. The New York Times  

Mozilla: Web Literacy Map: Acquiring online search skills


Deidra Gammill, Google Thursdays and the Power of Self-Directed Learning. Education Week Teacher 


Julie Corio: Teaching Adolescents How to Evaluate the Quality of Online Information. Edutopia 


Lucy Gray: Presentation: Using Google for effective search 


Lucy Gray: Presentation: Beyond Search


Video: Primary versus secondary sources. Common Craft 


Ten Steps to Better Web Research 


Curation is a New Search Tool, School Library Journal


Information Investigator 3.1: Download module for students on information literacies 


Sortfix: Provide useful keywords for searching 


Study: Use of a graphic novel to teach information literacy/research skills to college students


Google: Search Education: Module on search strategies


Tutorial: Penn Libraries: ABCs of Web Literacy


Question and answer sites: Wikianswers and Yahoo Answers


NECC 2009: Information literacies tools


Bibliobouts: Game for learning about search strategies


32 Ways to Use Search Engines in the Classroom


Video: Wendy Drexler: The Networked Student: Connectivism theory applied to student learning


Tools for Real-Time Assessment of Information Literary Skills


Joyce Valenza: Presentation: Information Literacy Meets Web. 2.0


Video: NewsHour Teacher Extra: Using bookmarks and tags


Mikoto Rich, In Web Age, Library Jobs Get an Update, The New York Times


Alan November: Information Literacy Resources


Alan November, Web Literacy for Educators, 2008


The Big6: Teaching information literacies resources


Google Power Searching Tips for Students


Meris Stansberry: eSchool News: Rethinking Research in a Google Era


Committee on Institutional Cooperation: conference papers on libraries' role in fostering information access


NCTE: 21st Century research skills (from English Journal)


S.O.S. for Information Literacy


Utilium: Create study packs on certain topics


Hennepin County Library: Databases versus Websites: What Is the Difference?


Video: Databases Are Different


Illinois Math and Science Association: search strategy tutorials


Epistemic Games: science game for evaluating online resources


University of California, Berkeley: Tutorials for conducting searches


MIT: An introduction to online and database search strategies


Vanderbilt University: Tutorials: search strategies


Kathy Schrock: Successful Web Search Strategies: Power Point presentation


Eduscape: Search Strategies


Springfield Township School Library: Search strategies


Springfield Township School Library: Scholarly vs. Popular vs. Trade vs. Primary sources


Oregon School Library System: Search Strategies


Atomic Learning: Module: Searching the Web


Guided Searching @2Learn.ca for Teens


Guided Searching @2Learn.ca


Internet 101


Tara Calishain's `ResearchBuzz


Sharon Betts: Using Google search


wNet School Internet Primer: Searching Smart


Find Information: The Interactive Search Engine Tutorial


Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox, Usability of Websites for Teenagers


Mission Possible: Successful Online Research (a video for students on engaging in online research)


How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory


Debbie Abilock: Choose the Best Search Engine


Internet Search Engine Help & Tutorials




Search Engine Guide






Greg R. Notess. Search Engine Showdown Montana State University


Pandia Search Central


Aaron Swartz’s Google Weblog


Finding It Online: Web Search Strategies


Searching The World Wide Web


Research Paper Navigator


The Spider's Apprentice


Infopeople. Best Search Tools Chart


The UNCG Information Literacy Game.


Florida's Library Media: Information Literacy


Noodle Tools. Noodlequest: Enter in search topics


TILT: Texas Information Literacy Online Tutorial


Secondary ICT: Web Literacy


Public Schools of North Carolina: Curriculum for information skills


21 New York School Library Media Specialists: K-12 Information Literacy Skills Curriculum


Information Literacy Wiki


Information Literacy: Lesson PlansInformation Literacy: Search Strategies


S.O.S. for Information Literacy!


Teaching Information Skills for the Middle Years


Information Skills Instruction


Research Building Blocks


Fact Fragment Frenzy: Interactive Online Tool


Information Literacy Lessons


University of Minnesota: Tech Talk: video production: The Changing Face of Libraries


Bellingham Schools: Information Literacy and the Net


Information Literacy: Tutorials


Florida's Library Media: Information Literacy


Springfield Township School Library: Online Activities Promoting Informational Literacies


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