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Lots of digital tools

Page history last edited by Richard Beach 4 years, 3 months ago

Joyce Valenza: Digital tools


HMH Marketplace: Apps and lessons for free or purchase


100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators


77 Tools to Build a Website or App Without Code


Teaching English with Technology.  EdTech: Lots of resources


Classroom 2.0 Book: Lots of teaching ideas for use of Web 2.0 tools 


CyberWise: Videos on the use of digital media tools


EdWeekly: Writing Re-Launched: Teaching with Digital Tools


Wes Fryer: Matching Media to the Curriculum: Lot of digital tools and apps


Google Tools for Teachers


100+ Google Tricks for Teachers


TeachersFirst: Lots of Web 2.0 tools


UCSB: Lots of tools for engaging in academic projects


Digital Writing Software: Lots of commercial and free software


Tech Trends for Librarians: Digital tools used by librarians


Ian O'Byrne: descriptions of digital tools


DigitalLiteracy.gov: U.S. Dept. of Education: Resources for using of digital tools


Cool Tools for School: Lot of different types of digital tools


Cool Tools for Schools: Digital writing tools


University of South Florida: Tech-Ease: technology training for teachers


5 Steps to Digitizing the Writing Workshop: Uses of digital tools to teach writing


Troy Hicks, The Digital Writing Workshop: Chapter resources


Writing Spaces, Readings on Writing, Volume 2: Essays on teaching first year composition


Richard Byrne, The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators


Learning Through Digital Media: Lots of essays on using Web 2.0 tools to foster learning


Top Ten Web Tools for Teachers


Joseph Harris's Digital Writing course blog


Curtis Bonk: Using online writing in the classroom


TeachWeb2.0: Lots of Web 2.0 tools


WIDE Center, Michigan State University: Why Teach Digital Writing?


Digitizing the Writing Workshop: Training videos on use of different tools


Digitizing the Writing Workshop: Summary chart of different digital writing tools


Directory of 2000 Learning Tools


Top-rated 100 digital tools for 2010


The Writing Site: digital writing tools


English teacher rates top 20 digital tools for 2010


Documentary films on teachers and students uses of digital tools in schools


English Language Arts Academy: Descriptions of lots of digital tools


Wiki: WebTools4U2Use


Jane Hart: Introduction to Social Media


NewLits: Resources for uses of digital technology/media in the classroom


100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media in the Classroom


Diagrams of relationships between different social media 


The Beginners' Guide to 21st Century Teaching and Learning 


Web Tools Applied to Teaching: Free 50 page book


Michael Zimmer: The Ultimate Teachers Guide to Social Media


Google for Teachers II: Tutorials on uses of Google tools


Top 100 digital tools for 2010


Sandy Hayes: 25+ Tools to Know


Wiki: Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching English


IRA TILE SIG: Cool Tools


100 Technology Blogs for Teachers


Cedar@umn.edu: technology resources at the University of Minnesota


Bud Hunt and Troy Hicks, NCTE 2009 presentation: Reports from Cyberspace


Troy Hicks: Because Digital Writing Matters: 2010 presentation: Wisconsin Reading Association


University of Minnesota: Uses of digital tools to foster teaching and learning


Kathy Yancey, National Council of Teachers of English: Writing in the 21st Century


Richard Beach: Slideshare: Defining Purposes for Using Web 2.0 Tools


10 Digital Writing Opportunities You Probably Know and 10 You Probably Don't


Rhetoric and Composition wikibook: Writing on the Web


Stride Handbook 8: E-Learning: Free download book


Curtis Bonk: The World is Open: free book


Terry Freedman (Ed.), The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book: Curriculum units using Web 2.0 tools


Read Write Think lesson: Creating online scrapbooks about literary texts


Web 2.0 resources associated with the National Educational Technology Plan


Technology in Teaching and Learning


24 "Techy" Tips for not so "Techy" Teachers


Jamie Myers: Links on hypermedia authoring


Dickie Selfe: Poster presentations: Digital Interventions in Composition, CCCC, 2009


Steven Lessner, Julie Platt, Lee Sherlock and Katie Wittenauer CCCC 2009 presentations on using digital tools in teaching first year composition


Partnership for 21st Century Skills and English Curriculum Map


Anne Barid: Teaching With Technology and Thinking


Favorite Websites by Topic


Directory of Digital Learning Tools


ReadWriteThink: Lots of digital literacy tools for students


100 Online Tools to Feed Your Creativity


Edutopia: Technology integration with language arts


Darren Kuropatwa: Learning Communities presentation: Use of digital tools


Digital Pencil: lots of resources for digital writing


100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner


Web 2.0 Tools for Effective Teaching: Tutorials


EdTech Wiki: lots of information on technology tools


Digital Learning Environments: Use of HulettPackard products


Free Technology for Teachers


4Teachers: Lots of technology tools for teaching writing


Video: Michael Wesch: A Portal to Media Literacy: Using digital tools to teach cultural anthropology


Michael Wesch: Netvibes class portal for his cultural anthropology course


College at Home: 57 Useful Google Tools You've Never Heard Of


Web 2.0 Cool Tools for Schools


Teachers Teaching Teachers: Uses of digital writing tools for writing instruction


Friendfeed for Teachers Teaching Teachers: share links at this site


Learning 2.0: course on use of Web 2.0 tools


Social Media Wiki: Web 2.0 tools


Directory of 2,300 e-learning tools


Wesley Fryer: Teach Digital: lots of resources


Top Tools for Learning


Liz Davis: 21st Century Technology Tools, LuLu Press: free download book


Web 2.0 Tutorial: wiki on blogs and wikis


KAIROS: PraxisWiki: narratives of writing teachers using digital writing tools


Portical: 800 resource tools for use in classrooms


Actden site: using technology tools


Michael Reese and Richard Shingles, Digital Field Assignments: Course Projects for the Net Generation: Presentation at the 2007 EDUCAUSE Conference


Terry Freedman: blog/wiki tools


Annenberg Media video: Writing in the 21st Century


Web 2.0 resources at the Internet Archive


Ed Tech Wiki, University of Geneva


David Wiley, Utah State University: course on Blogs, Wikis, and New Media


Sue LeBeau: links to lots of digital writing tools


Cheryl Davis: Gone Google: uses of Google tools in the classroom


Allen Webb's resource page on technology tools in teaching English


PBS: Cyberone and the future of teaching: use of digital writing tools


David Jonassen “mindtools”


OzeTeacher: links to lots of digital writing tools


The Media Workshop


Ed Tech Live: podcasts about different digital tools


The Integration of Technology Across the Middle School Curriculum


Ulises A. Mejias, Teaching Social Software Using Social Software


Lemke, J. L. (in press). Travels in hypermodality. Visual Communication


Edu-teacher: Resources


4teachers site


Webteacher: training modules


GLEF: technology-integration module


Web 2.0 Tools for Education


Blogs, Wikis and Podcasting in Classrooms


ALPS: resources, scaffolds, and contexts for building unit plans


Apple Learning Exchange


Web 2.0 for Teaching and Learning


Allen Webb-Carey’s site: tools relevant for English teachers


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