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Comics and graphic novels

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Software for creating comics


10 Ways to Create Comics Online 


Transforming Your Photos into Comic Strips. The New York Times


Comic Life


Seedling Comic Creator apps


Portaportal: Resources and examples of using Comic Life


Make Beliefs Comics


How to use Make Beliefs Comics


e-Comic: Comic Book Creator








Pixton: online comic generator




Speechable: Add dialogue balloons to pictures 


Strip Creator


Garfield's Comic Creator


ReadWriteThink: Comic Creator


ReadWriteThink: Activities using Comic Creator


Toondoo: create comics


Comic Strip Generator




Mai'Nada Comics


Project Cartoon 


Read Write Think Comic Creator 2.0


Zam's Quest




Computer comic font


Tools for Comics Creators



Resources for Studying Comics


Lists of comics


Graphic Texts in the Classroom


The Comic Book Database




Marvel Comics


Marvel Digital Comics


History of comics


Top Ten Comic Book Characters of All Time


DC Comics




Dark Horse Comics


Comics2film: comics that have been made into films




Links to newspaper comic strips and political cartoons


Yahoo: lots of comic book links


Comic books for young adults


E-zine: links to Indy Magazine/independent comics


Grand Comic Book Database


The Comic Book Homepage 


1,043 comic strips/panels


145 online comic books


Comics Archive


Web Comics


Comics site



Resources for studying and using comics and graphic novels


Guide to Comic Books


National Writing Project: Digital Comics Spur Students' Interest in Writing


National Association of Comic Art Educators


Graphic Texts in the Classroom


Comics in the Classroom: Resources for Teachers


Slideshare: Tap into the World of Comics


ComicsResearch: Comics Scholarship Annotated Bibliographies


ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies


Comics: Curriculum and teaching resource site


Association of College and Research Libraries: Comics and Graphic Novels


University of Florida: Comics Studies


Henry Jenkins: Comics as transmedia genre


Derek Santos: comics


ComixTalk: Site for discussion of digital comics


Michigan State University Library, Comic book genres


Comic Book Resources


Minneapolis City Pages: Annual comics edition


Words and Pictures Virtual Museum


James Branch Cabell Literacy: Comic Arts Collection


Michael Rhode: Comics Research Bibliography


New York City Comic Book Museum 




Creating print comic books


James Carter: ReadWriteThink Lesson: Creating comics


Creating Comics


David Law: Writing Comic Books


David Law: Writing Comic Books(2)


Joe Edkin Writing for Comic Books


James Hudnall: Writing Comics


Carpenter, S. (2006). The work of imagining identity in comic books. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.




Teaching Comics


Comic Book Project


Comics in the Classroom Project


Teaching Comics


Guide to Comic Books


Creating biographical comics


Apple Educator Showcase: Digital Tableux: Using Comic Life to create portrayals of literary characters


Rich Shea, Comics in the Clasroom, Teacher Magazine


Comics and films


Beyond the Funnies: Create Your Own Comics


Comics Font and Lettering


Webquest: Comic Strips


David Law: Creating Comics


Webquest: Create a Super Hero


Gene Yang, Comics in Education


Read/Write/Think unit: Comics in the Classroom


Read/Write/Think unit: Dale Jacobs: The Comic Book Show and Tell


Hill, R.  (2002), The Secret Origin of Good Readers: A Resource Book.

(pdf, online book).


Comics Worth Reading: reviews


Comic Books for Young Adults


Girls in the Comics


National Association of Comics Art Educators


The Comics Journal


Teachers Guide to Using Professional Cartoonists


Study Guides: Teaching Comics


Steve Higgins, Advocating Comics, Broken Frontier


Comics blog


Comics in Education


Scott McLeod's Inventions


Comic Rubric


National Association of Comics Art Educators 


Cary, Stephen. Going graphic: Comics at work in the multilingual classroom. Heinemann.


McCloud, S.  (2006).  Making comics: Storytelling secrets of comics, manga and graphic novels.  Harper.


Withrow, S. (2003). Toon art: The graphic art of digital cartooning.  Watson-Guptill.


Withrow, S., & Barber, J.  (2005).   Webcomics: Tools and techniques for digital cartooning.  Barons Books.



Graphic Novels


Study: Use of a graphic novel to teach information literacy/research skills to college students


Teaching with Graphic Novels, NewLits


Jessica Abel: What is a Graphic Novel?


Columbia University's graphic novels site


Stanford Graphic Novels Project


Mercer County Library: Graphic novels


Articles in Vision Quest on responding to and creating graphic novels


ALAN Review: article on graphic novels


Art Spiegelman's MAUS: Working-Through The Trauma of the Holocaust


Jessica Abel: What is a Graphic Novel? (a visual introduction to the genre)


Frank Miller's Sin City


Digital Manga Novels


No Flying, No Tights


Carter, J. B.  (2007).  Building Literacy Connections with Graphic Novels: Page by Page, Panel by Panel.  Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English.


Chinn, M. (2004).  Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel: Everything You Need to Know to Create Great Graphic

Works. Hauppauge: Barron’s, 2004.


Gorman, M.  (2003).  Getting Graphic! Using Graphic Novels to Promote Literacy with Preteens and Teens. Worthington:

Linworth, 2003.



Online graphic novels/TV series


All Ages Graphic Novel Created Using Scribus, Inkscape, Gimp


Recommended Graphic Novels for Public Libraries






Full Story


The Elixir


Art Bomb: graphic novels




NBC's Heroes: TV series employing graphic design



Graphic novel reviews/teaching


Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom


Manga School: Forums and tech support for manga writing


Schwarz, G. (2007). Graphic novels of multiple literacies. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy


Best Graphic Novels Reviewed


No Flying No Tights: reviews of graphic novels for teens


101 Best Graphic Novels


School Library Journal: Graphic Novels Roundup


Gorman, M (2002, August 1). What Teens Want: 30 Graphic Novels you Can't Live Without. School Library Journal


The Librarian's Guide to Anime and Manga


Recommended Graphic Novels for Public Libraries






Manga/Graphic Novels


No Flying No Tights: teen reviews of graphic novels


Webquest: Net Force—the uses of graphics on the Web based on graphics in comic books


Chandler-Olcott, K., & Mahar, D. (2001). Considering genre in the digital literacy classroom. Reading Online,5(4). (teaching Anime genre forms)


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