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Social bookmarking and tagging sites

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Student Learning with Diigo


Using Diigo in the Classroom


Why Diigo Rocks


Diigo Groups: Lots of groups focused on specific topics


Creating teacher accounts in Diigo


Creating free teacher accounts using Diigo


Student Learning with Diigo


Derek Bruff: Social Bookmarking with Diigo


Resources for using Diigo


Annotating texts using Diigo


Videos: Using Diigo 4.0


Video: Using Diigo in the classroom


Using Diigo for sharing responses to reading


Vicki Davis: 2009 NECC presentation on using Diigo in the classroom


Classroom 2.0: Creating Diigo accounts for students


Diigo in Writing Class: What Else?


David Pierce: 7 Reasons Diigo Tastes Better than Delicious


EduDiigo: Using Diigo in the classroom


Screencast: Diigo: A Social Bookmarking Research Tool


Podcast: Maggie Tsai on Women of the Web: Using Diigo in the classroom


Michael Guhlin: Diigo the Web for Education: From Teleplanter to Telegather with Diigo







Using Delicious in Education


Bradley Diler: Del.icio.us and Teaching: using Delicious in a composition course


Learing 2.0: Tagging and del.icio.us


SlackerManager: The Several Habits of Successful Del.icio.us Users




Other social bookmarking and tagging sites






Sympoze: Social bookmarking for academics









Definitions of tags


Video: Bob Sprankle, Bit by Bit: The Power of Tags, The Power of Words


William Ferriter: Social bookmarking and annotating


Wikipedia: tags


Wikipedia: Folksonomy


T4C: Definition and value of tagging



Tagging sites organized by type


Tagging sites organized by type



Image or video tag sites




Tag Galaxy


Yahoo MyWeb






Blog Tag Sites









Educators' tags


Wendy Turner


Derrall Garrison


Mike Hetherington


Bob Sprankle


Bud Hunt (Bud the Teacher)


Mark Ahlness


Graham Wegner


Clarence Fisher


Robert Eiffert


Neil Winton


Eric MacKnight



Academic Articles Tag Sites


Blackboard Scholar



Image/photo Tag Sites







Video Tag Sites











Book Tag Sites





Using Tags


Apple Educators' Showcase: Tagging for Learning


California School Library Association: School Library Learning 2.0 (complete online course)


7 Ways to Stay Informed and Up to Date Online


Jon Udell's screencast on using tags with Del.icio.us


Vance Stevens: K-12 Conference: Using tagging to foster collaboration


Burell, C. (2007, January 11). Kicking the habit, day 3: Holding hands through Diigo. Beyond School. Retrieved January 28, 2007.



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